Equatorial Sundial on the central square, in the A. Korlević park, in front of the observatory. The sundial is the work of a local sculptor Marjan Pajić and represents a sculpture called "Solar throne." Unlike his previous sculptures, this represents a functional frame, and is considered a true equatorial sundial.

Installation started on April 18, 2001. During April and May of 2001, the metal frame of the upper part and the "chair" of the sundial was completed, and on June 30, of the same year, after the completion of the metal base and painting the circles, both sections were joined. On March 20, 2002, analemma-shaped gnomon was mounted that gives shadow with time correction. It was agreed that one half would be funded by city authorities and the other half by the Observatory. Members of the Observatory have done their part and installed their half, but since the money from the authorities simply did not come, the sundial stayed unfinished for a long time. Finally, on March 15, 2007, the last element of the sculpture was installed.

After all these works, much effort and time, during the spring equinox, on March 21, 2007, opening ceremony of the sundial was held. Now there remains only that nature take its course and that the symbol of life fill the "web of the universe". And it is this web the last symbolic surface in concentric circles of the sculpture.

Last updated: 2011-11-25

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