Before restoration, there was a sundial from the 19th century, on the gable of the tower. During restoration in 2006, it was covered with plaster.
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Veliki Tabor fort is composed of a central "city" and five smaller towers once connected by a wall surrounding the complex of more than 3000 ha. It was built in 12th century and listed in UNESCO's heritage. The whole complex of fortifications was upgraded several times through the centuries, and its rulers were powerful Counts of Celje, Ratkaj family, for many centuries... Here lived and worked Oton Iveković and others. On the facade you will notice a beautiful gothic window and an old sundial. The columns at the gallery on the top two floors are exquisitely preserved, like most of the rooms, hardwood floors, a wine cellar with barrels and a huge press from 19th century ... The whole castle is currently subjected to an extensive restoration work. (Nymphea)

Last updated: 2012-04-04